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Welcome to B & V Traders.

Frank and I started this business as a way to get the mechs we want without spending the kids' college funds. It also keeps the wives from detaching our privates in a Bobbit sort of way. We went in on some big trades previously and noted the ease with which this increased our collections. However there were many spare mechs and such just sitting until we could come up with a trade. Starting the business was a natural progression.


And that was the intro to our old page. Lots of changes since then. Frank has moved on to more real world stuff. Dropped Ebay, got a real shopping cart, started going to conventions. Picked up a new partner, Chuck. Got us a gig representing IWM at conventions. Covid. Fun times.

About Chuck: The data entry guy. Lighting guy at the shows and master of games. Especially Battletech and X Wing. You should be very careful playing him in these games. Do not be fooled by his panda-like bearing, for he is Metal Carnage indeed!!

About Mike: The shipping guy. Paper work guy at the shows, sigh. I am ok at games, relying more on dice karma and aggressiveness than anything else. The mustache helps. Together though we are team Panda (I am the trash panda) and pretty vicious at BT and not too shabby at the vendor game.

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